Maxxis MT772 v2

Consistently delivering better performance

It’s not just sheer brawn that sees our tyres consistently deliver better performance. It’s smarter tyre tech that keeps us on top of our game. Like our lightweight flexible nylon casing that delivers unmatched puncture resistance without the heavy layers of extra bulk that some manufacturers add. And our unique mud tyre designs that keep gripping on sealed road surfaces, even though they’re built to play in the mud. And our special tread compounds that deliver super grippy performance, but keep on lasting and lasting, no matter what you throw at them.

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On road. Off road. We're fine either way.

It’s our exceptional tread life, outstanding puncture resistance and a unique ability to perform both on and off road, that make us believe that our tyres suit New Zealand on and off-road conditions, and New Zealand vehicles and drivers, better than any other range in the market. And we’ve proven this time and time again, over several decades and hundreds of thousands of kilometres. And if you’re wondering whether we have something to suit your vehicle, relax. In NZ we have over 100 sizes and 20 different tread patterns across the 4x4 range, including some tyres developed specifically for New Zealand drivers.

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Why choose Maxxis 4X4 tyres?

  • nylon cap reason

    Stable braking and handling

    Our nylon cap ply protects tyres from damage and helps to extend tread life, as well as strengthening the tyre to keep it stable even under heavy loads.

  • wet road grip

    Better wet road grip

    Even when you're not off-road, you can trust our tyres to keep you stuck to the road. With our tread sipes, water drains away quickly for more confident braking.

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    Smarter tyre construction

    We don't just add bulk. We add smarter reinforcing for greater strength and flexibility, which means ultimate puncture resistance and more strength to weight.

  • offroad reason

    Better off-road performance

    Count on us to get you through where others slip with our deep treads, tapered tread blocks and self-cleaning tread grooves.

  • quiet reason

    A quieter ride

    Featuring staggered shoulder lugs and multi-pitch tread blocks so you can enjoy your ride without the tell-tale mud tyre rumble.

  • Gravel road maxxis tyres

    Gravel road performance.

    Nylon cap ply resists punctures and siped tread pattern gives more gripping edges, for maximum durability and control on gravel roads.

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