Maxxis M9060 Mud Trepador

The Leader of the Trep Nation

This is for 4x4 drivers who know what they’re doing. The King of the Treps is made for mud slinging and gravity defying action. It’s made for the hardcore. Those who know how to get themselves in and out of trouble. It is not for the faint hearted.

Maxxis M9060
  • Fear No Mud

    There is no mud bog or swamp you cannot conquer. So search out the type of places that make you quiver with fear. Then point the treps in that direction and keep going. Because you will keep going.

    M8060 mud traction v2 Maxxis M9060
  • Fear No Rocks

    You will get up and over. No rockface or boulder will beat you and those massive shoulder lugs. You’ll conquer ascents so amazing you’ll want to plant a flag at the top.

    M8060 all surface traction v2 Maxxis M9060
  • Fear Nothing Else

    That includes the road. You can use the Treps to take you to the beginning of the course, as they work on the road too.

    M8060 sipes v2 Maxxis M9060

4x4 Heavyweight

This is one big guy who really is tough too.  The M9060 is made for extreme situations and that means extreme toughness is needed.  So it's provided. 

Ultra Aggressive

The distinctive tread pattern has the aggression dialled all the way up.   This is a tyre designed to attack absolutely anything you put in front of it.  

Made for Competition

The M9060 is made for talented amateurs and professional off-road racers who compete.  It’s made to push you and to be pushed.  It’s made to win.  

Tyre sizes available

16" rim