Maxxis M8060 Trepador Extreme Off Road

Point the Treps in the direction you want to go. Then go there.

As the conditions get worse and competitive 4x4 action starts, the Trepador makes itself known. This is a tyre for serious off-road use. For those who push the limits or compete. It’s a competition tyre for the professionals that’s also suitable for passionate weekenders.

Maxxis M8060 Bias
  • Extreme Mud Traction

    Does a directional tread design mean you can go in any direction? It does with the Trepador. Almost unstoppable traction for extreme conditions.

    M8060 mud traction Maxxis M8060 Bias
  • All Surface Bite

    These tyres clamp down. Hugely aggressive shoulder blocks tear into the terrain. Deep mud and rock climbing are no problem.

    M8060 all surface traction Maxxis M8060 Bias
  • Certified for Highway Use

    They can take you anywhere off-road. But they’re also road legal. You know, if you really want to roll over some boring, old tarmac.

    M8060 sipes Maxxis M8060 Bias

Bias Ply Construction (some sizes)

The Treps will flex, moulding and bending themselves over rocks and deep ruts for maximum traction. 

Siped Tread Blocks

Not content with spraying water from puddles big enough to boat in, the Treps will let standing water get out of the way by travelling through the tread sipes to reduce aqua planning risks.  

M&S All Season Rated

As if you couldn’t tell by looking at them already..these tyres will play as happily in the snow as they do the mud. 

Tyre sizes available

15" rim

16" rim

17" rim