Maxxis MT764 Bighorn MT Extraordinary Grip

New levels of mud-loving performance

Massive grip for masses of mud. This tyre loves the dirt, excelling in conditions that get others stuck. You could just cruise on by... or you could stop and pull them out. The choice is yours.

Maxxis MT764
  • Superb Off Road Traction

    It’s known as the “Eagle Claw’, a next generation multi edged tread design for extra bite and enhanced self-cleaning. It means you can take flight and head straight for the mud, knowing you’ll fly through it with no problems.

    MT764 Parallax file traction Maxxis MT764
  • Heavy Duty Construction

    This is one tough mudder. Super strong reinforced casing construction with extra nylon cap ply make for outstanding durability in the toughest conditions. The Bighorn will take a battering and come back for more.

    MT764 Parallax file layers Maxxis MT764
  • Reinforcements at the Ready

    The ‘G’ shaped buttress reinforcements with stone eliminators work to repel sharp objects and protect from punctures. This is a tyre that can roll over the type of ground that would have normal 4x4 tyres feeling all deflated and stopped in their tracks. But not the Bighorn.

    MT764 Parallax file puncture res Maxxis MT764
  • Dual Stage Tread Design

    Take two bites at every bit of terrain. The Bighorn tread is designed to reduce tyre weight whilst increasing grip. It also adds to steering responsiveness and keeps everything mud free as the tyre cleans itself.

    MT764 Parallax file tread v2 Maxxis MT764

The Mud Seeker

Tyre sizes available

14" rim

15" rim

16" rim

17" rim

18" rim