AT811 Razr AT The New Legend

We haven’t found anything they can’t handle yet

On the road it drives like a beauty but head off the beaten track and it turns wild, ready to eat rocks and spit sand. The Razr AT looks mean and aggressive because it is. But it also has some impeccable roadside manners and is equally at home on the asphalt.

With the famous Maxxis wrap-around Armour Ply for unbeatable damage resistance, the Razr AT shines on harsh and smooth surfaces alike. Stick them on and enjoy the ride. They might just take you to a few unexpected places.

Maxxis AT811
  • Tread Wherever You Want To

    The Razr ATs newly optimised tread pattern is a smooth lover of the tarmac but a chest thumping warrior when you turn off and head into the rough stuff. It’s there that the Razr snarls and bares it’s chunky tread blocks in defiant aggression, knowing it can’t be stopped.

    AT811 Parallax file mold Maxxis AT811
  • Transforming 3D Tread Sipes

    The tread blocks work independently when you’re off road, giving you the extra biting edge needed in tricky conditions. But as you brake they lock together for maximum contact and increased stability. It’s intelligent and works.

    AT811 Parallax file Sipes Maxxis AT811
  • Protected Against Everything

    The secret of the RAZR AT’s extreme durability is in the revolutionary Armor Ply. The dual cord casing ply features intertwined reinforcement fibres, dramatically improving casing strength for superior durability and toughness.

    AT811 Armour ply Maxxis AT811
  • Snarls Off Road

    The 3 ply sidewall is covered with wrap-over Debri-Shield damage resistant blocks. There’s no fear of damage from the side and the traditional 4x4 tyre weak spot is no more. The Razr just grins at danger and keeps on going.

    AT811 Parallax file Sidewall v4 Maxxis AT811
  • Smooth & Stable

    The smoothness of the Razr ride is thanks to the stepped chamfers. It makes things silky smooth on the road and stable when you brake. And they work good enough to convince someone you bought the tyres for the school run, not the paddock run.

    AT811 Parallax file tread blocks Maxxis AT811
  • Revolutionary Reinforced Rubber

    Using an extra special tread compound, the Razr rubber is reinforced to resist cutting, tearing and chunking off-road. It’s another layer of toughness so you can head towards the most testing terrain with total confidence.

    AT811 Parallax file blocks v2 Maxxis AT811

From a veteran of rough roads

Tyre sizes available

15" rim

16" rim

17" rim

18" rim

20" rim

22" rim