Maxxis AT980 Bravo AT High Traction All Terrain

Mild on road. Wild off road

This is the all terrain tyre that has plenty of on-road refinements and comes across nice and tame. But we’ve added some extra bite for off-road for those who frequently turn off the tarmac and need that little bit extra. Ideal for rural SUV owners with gravel roads.

Maxxis AT980 v2
  • Outstanding All Terrain Traction

    That extra grip and outstanding self-cleaning is all thanks to deep tread block with an all-new zig zag tread pattern.

    AT980 tread Maxxis AT980 v2
  • Increased Damage Resistance

    This tyre lasts. Adding to the long life expectations is a robust nylon cap ply for improved puncture resistance and added bruising protection.

    AT980 construction Maxxis AT980 v2
  • High Load Capacity

    Heavy loads and towing is no problem. The 8 ply (selected sizes only) delivers a more than capable performance.

    AT980 grooves Maxxis AT980 v2

Made for Rural Living

Wide Tread Footprint

You can plant the rubber firmly on whatever surface you're driving on and be assured of stability, even under heavy loads.

Resists Punctures

The special rubber compound and nylon cap combine to repel punctures.  This is a tyre that’ll be with you for a long time.

Cleans Itself

With tapered tread lugs and square shoulders, mud is pushed out and away from the tyre, keeping things clean and in contact with whatever surface you’re on. 

Tyre sizes available

15" rim

16" rim

17" rim

18" rim

19" rim

20" rim