Maxxis M8090

Creepy crawlies scare most people.  It’s just frightening where this one can go.  

If you want to scurry over rocks then you need a tyre that can creep and crawl over practically anything.  Introducing the frighteningly good and so very aptly named, Creepy Crawler.

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M8090 tread block

Extreme Traction

Numerous deep, multi-edged tread lugs provide amazing grip. Power through mud and climb rocks. Just go where you want to.

M8090 shoulder lugs

Unparalleled side bite

Some creepy crawlies bite. This one sure does. Square shoulder lugs and chunky wrap-around shoulder designs give extra lateral grip in ruts and uneven surfaces.

M8090 casing

Flexible Casing

An extra special bias ply construction allows the tyre to conform to different surfaces to itself over rocks without damage.

It Has... So you can...
Unique multi-edged knob design and sipe arrangement Cling to slippery rocks like a little bug.
Wrap around shoulder blocks Plough through mud and snow.
Immensely strong construction with special bias ply casing Drive over rocky terrain and forest trials without fear of puncture.
Stone ejectors Have no fear of sharp rocks or tread cap damage.
Highway certification (to 120kmh) Leave them on your 4x4 all the time.

Tyre Sizes

Tread Pattern Tyre Size Ply rating Side Wall / Compound Load/Speed
M8090 7.00-16 8PR 109L

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