MT762 Bighorn Big on Mud. Big on Toughness.

Grip to get you there. Grit to keep on going.

The bighorn is up for the big jobs. Ready for the tough farm and forestry work, this tyre can be relied upon to perform day after day, no matter the conditions.

Maxxis MT762
  • Grippy

    The terrain doesn’t matter. Deep tapered tread blocks and staggered shoulder lugs give you superior off-road traction.

    MT762 Parallax file tread Maxxis MT762
  • Sticky

    Did we say the terrain doesn’t matter already? Because it really doesn’t. With multi-edged tread blocks, the Bighorn has an angle of attack for any surface.

    MT762 Parallax file multi edge block Maxxis MT762
  • Tough

    It’s not just tough. The Bighorn has proven itself NZ tough. Damage resistant tread compounds, buttress reinforcements and near impenetrable sidewalls underpin its legendary status.

    MT762 Parallax file damage resistance Maxxis MT762
  • Versatile

    Leave the farm and head into town, or go further and hit the highway to the big smoke. The staggered shoulder lugs add traction in uneven terrain while delivering a quieter ride. So wherever you’re heading, you’re assured of capable handling.

    MT762 Parallax file shoulder lugs Maxxis MT762

Tyre sizes available

17" rim