Built for every kind of driver.

The dash to the shops.  The daily commute. The weekend roadie.  Even though most passenger cars spend most of their lives on sealed surfaces, the demands they face are very different from day to day and from vehicle to vehicle.

From durable passenger tyres designed to stand up to the long haul, to ultra high performance tyres for drivers that crave extraordinary braking and handling, we deliver tyres that exceed every expectation and keep on going.

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Endorsed by the experts

Turns out it’s not only us who think our car tyres work pretty well. Our passenger and performance tyres have been recognised by a slew of industry experts around the globe, including winning Wheels Magazine Tyre of the Year (Maxxis HP5), achieving the ‘highly recommended’ label by German motoring magazine Auto Zeitung (Maxxis HP5), and a little closer to home, being recommended by our very own Consumer NZ (Maxxis MA-P3).

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Tested over and over

But we think it’s here in NZ that our tyres really shine. When we’re on coarse chip seal, winding bends and sharp river gravel, our tyres handle it all and keep on going. How do we do this? It comes down to listening to what our customers need, then a massive research and development program to work out how to deliver it. Our R&D program currently spans five countries and including a dedicated 860,000 square metre test track to measure and monitor performance on all kinds of surfaces from ice and water to coarse pavers.

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