HP5 Premitra Total Control.

An experience in precision

Research & development has led to a tyre that delivers braking performance, handling stability and passenger comfort. It’s all artfully blended together so you can enjoy the refined ride experience of a premium tyre. The added responsiveness provides confidence for all-weather driving and enhances the characteristics of your vehicle.

Maxxis HP5
  • Stop Now

    You stop when you want. A full silica cap gives you superb traction and stopping power in the wet.

    HP5 SILICA Maxxis HP5
  • Stay in Control

    The centre rib design gives you optimal handling and stability.

    HP5 handling Maxxis HP5
  • Stay Quiet

    Drive in refined silence. The sound reduction bar and curved shoulder blocks make for luxurious passenger comfort.

    HP5 silence Maxxis HP5

This is Total Control

Rim Protection Included

The HP5 will take the knocks so your rims don’t, protecting you from the dangers of curbs and other sources of scratches and nastiness. 

Resists Aquaplaning 

For enhanced water evacuation, four main grooves provide an escape route for standing water, keeping the tyre in contact with the road and you in control.

Tyre sizes available

15" rim

16" rim

17" rim

18" rim