Maxxis MAZ3 Extraordinary Handling & Braking

For the Fast & Furious

When you have a performance car and a spirited approach to driving, only a tyre that can hold the road like the MAZ3 will do. With exceptional braking power and an unmatched ability to maintain grip under high speed forces, it keeps you safe and in control.

Maxxis MA Z3
  • Ready to React

    The tread design has been optimised for pin-point accuracy in high-speed situations. It’s responsive, reassuring, and can be called upon to bring you to a quick stop when needed.

    MAZ3 tread design Maxxis MA Z3
  • Ready for the Twist & Turns

    Stiff shoulder blocks absorb the forces of cornering without excessive roll, whilst the large contact area keeps the rubber firmly on the road for maximum traction.

    MAZ3 Stiff shoulder blocks Maxxis MA Z3
  • Ready for All Weather

    Don’t let the rain stop the fun. Multiple water draining grooves help spray the water away, giving you the grip you need in the wet.

    MAZ3 water draining grooves Maxxis MA Z3

Cling, Grip & Stick

An aggressive directional tread pattern combines with the microsilica-infused compound to hang onto the tarmac.  This tyre will not let go.  

Keep Cool

An all new tread base compound dampens heat buildup to prevent premature tyre wear.  You can rack up the KM’s quickly with this tyre, so you need to know it’ll last.  Which it does.

Enjoy the V6 Symphony

We know you want to hear the engine roar, not the road whistle.  So we’ve added a special tread pitch pattern with circumferential grooves to tame the tyre hum. 

Tyre sizes available

18" rim