Maxxis VS5
SUV Passenger & Performance

A sports performance tyre for quick cars.

Designed for high-speed highway performance and comfort without sacrificing treadwear and durability.

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vs5 nylon v3

Strong & Silent

Handles brilliantly under high speed, but in a way that doesn't negatively impact driving comfort from the blended Nylon/Aramid cap ply.

VS5 all weather v2

All round better

The product of extensive R&D and a determination to be better than ever before, developed with new materials and construction methods to improve dry and wet handling performance without compromising good wear performance.

vs5 fuel v3

Makes you happy at the fuel pump

With its highly dispersed full silica tread compound, we’re pleased to say that the VS5 delivers excellent grip in the wet and dry as well as improved fuel consumption.

It Has... So you can...
New materials and next generation construction Feel the positive handling difference.
New body ply for extra flex Sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride.
Highly dispersed full silica tread compound Stick to the road better in the wet.
Reduced tyre weight Go longer between stops at the petrol station.
Blended nylon/aramid cap ply Control the car better at high speeds.
3D chamfers on the tread blocks to reduce tread roll-in Stop faster and get a longer life from the tyre.

Tyre Sizes

Tread Pattern Tyre Size Ply rating Side Wall / Compound Load/Speed
VS5 215/40R18 89Y
Tread Pattern Tyre Size Ply rating Side Wall / Compound Load/Speed
VS5 235/35R19 91Y
VS5 235/40R19 96Y
VS5 245/35R19 93Y
VS5 245/40R19 98Y
VS5 245/45R19 102Y
VS5 255/40R19 100Y
VS5 255/35R19 96Y

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