Maxxis R19

Outstanding grip and performance in the toughest test.

Inch your way to the top with outstanding grip and braking performance. Engineered to attack gravel rally stages with a vengeance. Available in soft and hard tread compound.

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It Has... So you can...
Multiple independent tread blocks and closed sipe design Brake and accelerate faster because of increased traction.
Sharp tread blocks and reinforced sidewall casing Stay perfectly in control at any stage.
Specially formulated tread compound and rib protector Can keep going without fear of damage or punctures to your tyres.
Computer-optimised pattern design Grip in wet conditions.

Tyre Sizes

Tread Pattern Tyre Size Ply rating Side Wall / Compound Load/Speed
R19 Left 205/65R15 Soft Compound 94Q
R19 Left 185/65R15 Hard Compound 88Q
R19 Right 205/65R15 Soft Compound 94Q
R19 Right 185/65R15 Hard Compound 88Q

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